SlimeTinker is a Slimefun4 addon that tries it's best to recreate the amazing Tinker's Construct Mod (link) in Vanilla Minecraft.

Features include:

  • The ability to melt all Vanilla and Core Slimefun metals and alloys.

  • Casting out metals into nuggets, ingots and blocks for all metals.

  • Casting into tools parts (Axe Heads, Sword Blades etc.) and casting into Armour Plates and Chain Mail Links.

  • Creation of custom tools based on any combination of Head, Binding and Rod parts for a unique tool

  • Creation of custom armour pieces based on any combination of Plates, Gambeson and Mail Link parts for a unique armour piece

  • Each Part/metal combination has a specific trait. Traits range from Auto smelting to Levitation, invisibility to 3x3 mining.

  • Tools and Armour pieces level as you use them, as they level they unlock new Modifier slots and can promote from Stone > Gold > Iron > Diamond and Netherite or Leather > Chain > Iron > Diamond > Netherite.

  • Modifier slots can be used to add special modifiers to the tool from bonus drops (on top of looting/fortune) to more haste, damage and more.

  • Tools and armour do not break, they just stop working until you repair them using the same metal type the tool is made of. Armour will fall off when in need of repair

  • Parts can be swapped out at will leaving the tool/armour pieces level/mods intact. Want to start with Copper to level faster THEN swap to Reinforced for 3x3? Go for it!

  • All effects/mods (when applicable) work with Vanilla Enchants. Damage, exp and durability modifications are all stackable and work nicely with each other.

  • Configurable traits. You can disable any trait you don't want in the configuration file.

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