Item Deposit/Withdrawal

Item Deposits/Withdrawals are single, shared, methods that are used by any Network Node wanting to get an item out of/put an item into the Network which, as such, means items are always withdrawn/matched the same way.


Items will always go into the Network looking for Deep Storage first (blocks exposed by a Network Monitor). If a deep storage is not yet 'set' to a block type or has no items in it currently, it will not enter that storage (so you wont accidentally have a barrel with a single pickaxe in it). If you have 2 deep storage units set to/containing the same item, the one chosen is random/arbitrary.

If no suitable deep storage is found, then the Network will try for any Nebulous Storage (Network Cells etc.). The Network will first look for a matching itemstack and fill it up to max (repeating this where required) before putting what is left into a random/arbitrary free slot.


Items will always try to be removed from Nebulous Storage (Network Cells etc.) first, taking as many item stacks as is possible.

Items will then be removed from any Auto crafters that expose their contents up to the maximum limit.

Items will, lastly, be removed from deep storage (blocks exposed by a Network Monitor).

Items will be withdrawn from multiple sources at once to meet the required amount, if required.

Chests, Barrels or other Vanilla Minecraft containers are only slightly compatible with Networks for performance reasons. Read- Vanilla Pusher and Vanilla Grabber

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