Chronicling is the first step in the process in which a CrystaCrafter tries to remove Crysta from the world into a physical form

Every block or item in the world has Crysta flowing through it at all times.

This Crysta will normally flow in and out of the item freely without pause but can, when requested, by coaxed into stopping this natural flow.

The early CrystaCrafters learned that Crysta, being a insentient living force, loves nothing more than to tell the stories they have gathered during their time with the given item/block.

In order to get these stories, the Crafters created the magical construct 'The Chronicler'.

The Chronicler, when provided with a vanilla item or block, will try to coax the latent stories a block's crysta has. When a story is told, it will be locked into the block and a portion of the latent Crysta is locked in with it.

When all stories are found, the final Crysta within a block will form into a story describing the block itself, called a Unique Story.


Block Tiers

Every block is designated a 'tier'. The tier is dependant on the power and volume of Crysta within it. Generally more common items/blocks are lower tier.

Block TierNumber of StoriesStory Chances


Min 1

Max 3

Common: 90% Uncommon: 10% Rare: 0% Epic: 0% Mythical: 0%


Min 2

Max 3

Common: 70% Uncommon: 20% Rare: 10% Epic: 0% Mythical: 0%


Min 2

Max 4

Common: 50% Uncommon: 30% Rare: 15% Epic: 5% Mythical: 0%


Min 3

Max 4

Common: 25% Uncommon: 35% Rare: 25% Epic: 10% Mythical: 5%


Min 4

Max 5

Common: 10% Uncommon: 30% Rare: 25% Epic: 20% Mythical: 15%

The Chronicler comes in 4 tiers to help chronicling higher tier blocks



Block Tiers 1-2


Block Tiers 1-3


Block Tiers 1-4


Block Tiers 1-5

Story Levels

As blocks of a higher tiers have more or more powerful Crysta, it makes sense that some of the stories provided by Crysta can also very in power/volume. As such, when chronicling, you may find a story that is rarer and more powerful than others.

All blocks have a Unique story. This story is specific to that blocks type and there are 1000 to discover and collect.

Story RarityProperties


Holds a single unit of Crysta


Holds 3 units of Crysta


Holds 10 units of Crysta


Holds 25 units of Crysta


Holds 50 units of Crysta


Holds 2 units of Crysta

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