Growing and Breeding Plants

The secondary mechanic is a vast plant growing/breeding system. Starting with 2 purification seeds next to one another (with an air block between them) you can begin to breed cloned seeds and mutate new variants. These new variants each do something unique from dropping materials, being harvestable for additional items, spawning mobs, pulsing beacon/potion effects, growing trees and more.

As a bonus each seed will also add to the nearby purification value, with more complex-bred seeds providing more.

An in-depth breeding dictionary is available to keep track of discovered breeds and more detailed information about a seed not initially available in the regular portion of the guide. Breeding requirements are hidden until the first time you discover one, so watch out for in-game feedback, for example black particles mean the plants cannot breed, so you best stop trying!

With a whopping 75+ seeds currently available you'll have to do a lot of experimentation!

Breeding a purifying seed with another of the same type is a good way to discover new seeds each time you find a new one

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