1: SlimefunItemStack

The first step to adding a food item to Cultivation is to create the SlimefunItemStack

The SlimefunItemStack is the display item, the item that will be held by the player once they make the food item in question.

  1. Navigate to the CultivationStacks.java class.

  2. The class is broken down into Regions, the last region is Foods and is right at the bottom. You should always add your new food item at the bottom of the list.

  3. Create a new SlimefunItemStack as a constant (public static final). Create your ItemStack using Theme#themedSlimefunItemStack().

    1. Ensure the ID begins with CLT_ and that the ID is the full name of the item (no abbreviations)

    2. Note that the theme should always be FOOD

    3. Copying the format of a previous item will make things much easier.

    4. You can have as many or as few effects as you wish.

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