Spell Plates

Spells are formed by channelling 3 forms of Crysta through the slats of a crafted Spell Plate.

To charge a spell plate, you need to throw it into a filled Liquefaction Basin. Every spell needs three different types of Crysta. Not all combinations will make a spell, but most will, you'll need to experiment with combinations to find all possible spells.

When a plate is charged, it will display the spell that it has been changed with as well as the total volume of Crysta that was in the basin when charged.

You cannot cast a spell directly from a plate, the plate must first be mounted onto a magical stave using the configurator.

When cast, a spell will remove Crysta from the plate.

Charged plates can be refilled with Crysta by throwing it back into the same mixture of Crysta in a Liquefaction Basin

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