The Liquefaction Basin is used to convert solidified Crysta into it's liquid form.

To melt Crysta, you just need to throw a Crystal into the basin. It will then fill up. You can add as many Crystals as will fit in the basin.

The liquid in the basin will change color based on the percentage of crysta volumes within it and the hight of the liquid is representative of how full the basin is. The only reason I mention that here is because I think it's super cool.

The basin is compatible with the Refraction Lens and will display it's exact content when used.


When you throw in a non-crystal item into the Liquefaction basin, it will forces the latent crysta from the liquids into the item in an attempt to craft a new item.

If the recipe is incorrect, the Crysta will fade back into the environment and can no longer be used. Any left-over crysta from a correct recipe will either be absorbed into the item or, if not possible, will also fade into the environment.

A Liquefaction recipe is made up of 3 parts:

  • The Liquid make-up. This is the highest three volumes of Crysta within the Basin. You can have as much Crysta and as many types as you like in the Basin at once, but only the top three will be used to decide the recipe

  • The Catalyst. This is the non-crystal item that's been throw in.

  • The Volume. When the recipe and the catalyst are a good match, the item will form. Some recipes will use the total basin liquid (including types beyond the first 3) also.

Liquefaction is not just for spell crafting and is the primary crafting 'block' for Crysta despite that, this section will continue to focus on spell crafting

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