Network Pusher

The Network Pusher is a Directional Network Node who's only purpose is to 'push' items from the Network's exposed items into the target Slimefun Block.

The target block must be a Slimefun Block that has slots that are allowed to be accessed by Cargo in.

There must be room in the Slimefun Blocks for the item and the withdrawal will follow the normal Item Withdrawal ruleset.

The Pusher has a slot which is used as a 'template' for which item should be withdrawn from the Network.

The Pusher is a directional interface and, therefore, is compatible with the Network Configurator

The Pusher is a Particle Emitter within a Network. If a Network Crayon is installed into the Network, it will show when it's pushed an item and will fire in a direction indicating where the item(s) were pushed.

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