Block Veil

A Block Veil (also call a Cover) is a magical tool that envelops a selected block in a thin film of magic that resonates with the energy of another block. This simple device will allow you to hide more mundane things within your base.

To apply a cover, simply hold it in your main hand while holding the block you wish to imitate in your off-hand. Assuming the block in the off-hand is valid (solid, breakable and a full occluding block) then the cover will weave itself over the existing block.

Breaking a covered block will return the original block without the cover. Covers are consumed on use and cannot be taken off other than breaking the original block.


The Block Veil - Cargo allows you to cover Cargo Connector Nodes only.

Energy Net

The Block Veil - Energy Net allows you to cover Energy Net Connectors only.

The Block Veil - Networks allows you to cover Network Bridges and Network Monitors by default and there is a Slimefun ItemSetting for the veil to allow players to cover every Networks block. This is disabled by default as this can make it difficult for admins/owners to triage potential problems with a players setup.

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